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I got the one day ban as well (996)

I have a Steelseries Merc Stealth keyboard running there Z engine for the other games i play (MW3, Battlefield 3, diablo 3) the anti virus program i use is bitdefender. So how the fuck can i be hacking the keyboard has a gaming pad attached to it the Z engine links those keys to the standard keys.

You really need to fix your shit. I'm being hit because i have gaming equipment and you cant program propperly to understand or if my anti virus sees your bot decetion crap as a virus it is not my fault. Its the fault of your fucking stupid programmers!

Yes i'm using harsh language because i have the right to be angry. I stopped playing because of bot's and i hear you guys have done something about it and started banning people for it only to come back to play the game to be kicked off and told i'm using a bot... FUCK get your damn act together for fuck sakes!
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