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Default what happens if u bulk tooooo much!

well, if u have bulked enough, wasted a lot lot lot lot lot lot of money in this game and you are caught botting on your main account, you are indeed, imune to any punishment

why i say that?? i reported a player in my server, obiusly bulks a lot, posted the in-game violation section and its been like a month and no1!!!!! replyed, so i go helpdesk, and they say : "Sorry its been more than 10 days we are sorry for blablabla, we will not accept it blabla " Fuck this game and all who defend the bulkers that bot, really smart, not replying just so later on you can talk about the rules, fuk ur policy , this is why i sometimes help botters in-game so they dont get caught, TQ lets be fair to all players!!!!
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