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Originally Posted by Snikersons View Post
well might be reason why i always get killed by distance
but i dont undersnad how does my vip accounts get lagged badly and get frozem for few mins while my miners no vips are normal and no lag at all
holy shit all my lags started after i got vip seriously my no vip farmers doesnt lag
Ya I was just at Ape where the Macaques are to level up my level 55 pirate doing the GuQuin quest. No way I can level up and get the GuQuin with the amount of hunting botters in this area. Bringing my noob there and lagging like crazy is a waste of time. Ninjas with everlasting Fatal Strike are allowed by TQ to run all over this place. Help Desk wont even listen to us. Automated Call again later is all I get from them. This botting ninjas dont lag either from what I see.
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