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People have been broadcasting adverts for free bots, I think some bots are free and some aren't. Or you might get extra features for an extra fee.

@ Remix: Just having the bot on your pc could be enough to get you botjailed and you wouldn't be exempt just because you didn't use most of the features. TQ occasionally run a bot detection program. There have even been occasional claims that people were botjailed for having bots on their pc which were for other games (not CO).

Apart from that, there is always the risk of something like "bananasplit". For anyone who doesn't know or remember: some time ago a botmaker included a command in a bot which made players using the bot drop all their equipped gear if the word "bananasplit" was whispered to them. You might not drop your equipped gear now it can be locked, but there are plenty of other ways they could mess things up for you and that really does show that bot makers can't always be trusted.
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