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警告 Storm Server + Every Other Server down! jollyRoger is UP!

What is going on? it been over 6 hours now since i have no been able to log in i keep getting a Message of 'Failed to Login: The Server Is Down. (10)'
is anybody else getting this problem? i have looked for other threads i have not seen any other than that tortuga is down also, i do not use normal forums as im VIP why should i?

TQ have nothing up on the site about this!
The events Started today!
Is this going to get sorted?

From what it seems since i came back its been nothing but bots and TQ fuck up's? no GM's Where is our money going?

I Wish i never returned and i wish there was someway of a refund for being 'unsatisfied' with the Service <-- if theres even such thing..
(Little Rant but im Fed up of all this Crap! again and like i Stated before my Banks Off Limits untill i see improvements and i think we need to start sticking together to actually get them to lisen! if they done lisen im sure we can take our money elseware )
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