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Originally Posted by ~Matt~ View Post
Hardly one to talk about mistakes in their name when you have 2 random capital letters.. Also, your missing the apostrophe in doesn't.
a parent makes a fatal mistake while deciding how to spell his sons name
a person makes a "mistake"(LOL) typing on some random site

just as naming your char and a forum post...cant be compared. and i dont care how many times you overuse the "doesnt" thing im never gonna use the apostrophe for a stupid game forum.
Originally Posted by Blackknite View Post
and for the love of sake ~|KhAoS|~ please stop being racist you are part of the reason everyone hates americans you racist tard and it blackknite not darknite. One of the games I play couldn't fit black knight so I shortened it to blackknite. everyone still gets the point!

you want proof i am american. look me up on facebook
since you put things backwards i wont bother putting an order in my reply

1. im not american
2. america basicaly rules the world for a reason and a few low life animals arent gonna change the worth in that
3. thats what you claim
4. go on for proof that all egys are white female models... i dont need proof because i seriously dont just dont give off the vibes of a worthy opponent
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