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Originally Posted by kindboy View Post
i and my friend both share my gears . for the last month , i gave him my gears . and one day a player add him to the trade partner and gave him a vip lvl 1 service after 3 days that player steal all the gears which are mine and take the vip service .
1- my friend didnt gave that player any info regarding the ID or Pass
2- my friends user id and char name are the same
so i want to know how this player come to know my friend's id and pass is that from the vip service ?
any one have an opinion on how this happen ?
note : i fill a hack case and waiting for their respond .
Originally Posted by ~Matt~ View Post
Your friend obviously gave away info and is lying to you about it. You took the risk by sharing gears, don't expect TQ to give you anything back
^ What he said. First of all, in order to bind VIP to an account, you would need to know the account ID. Which would mean that he, as Matt said, is probably lying about it. Also, since your friend doesn't have VIP, he probably didn't know that the binder doesn't need to know the password. In which your friend probably gave as well, unknowingly, to the binder.
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