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Tommit Ordinary Player -- showing a lot of promise

Name: Tommy

Character Name: Tommit

Server: Element - Dark

Guild & Position: UnderwldKnights - Deputy Leader

Clan & Position: Ninja~Turtles - Clan Leader

Playing time: 7 months

Ambition/Aims on the game: To out do Terr0r who is the current Top king in my server muahaha.

Reason for playing: Friend introduced me to the game and am hooked

Best moment on CO: getting all super gears...was getting owned so bad before that haha.

Worst moment on CO: No worst moments yet.

Age: 28

Occupation: CNC Machinist, Student in Computer Technician - obtaining my associates in may then going on to achieve my bachelors in Advanced Networking from there, and I volunteer at a homeless shelter to help hand out food and clothes.

Family: Well I have two daughters named Leilani and Julieanne and a lovely Fiancee named Diana and they are my world
Pure Ninja - LVL 140
Server: Element - Dark
Guild Leader of Ki11az

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