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Does water include ice?

I do think in a fight having control or water would be most useful and in taking over the world, having control of water would also be most useful

I mean one you can freeze people in ice them take out a giant hammer and smash their bodys into peices.

you could also do what zabuza does in naruto and tr and drown your opponent.

and also like in avatar you could control peoples bodys since the human body is mostly water. Oh how I would love to torture people from the inside of their bodys or make them do shit they don't want to. I'd find two homophobic males and make them blow each other.

Out of all of them water also makes second best shield, if cops get pissed at you for doing all this bad stuff you cover yourself in water and if they fire use the water to switch the direction of the bullet. Sure earth would be better for that but still, then when you need a getaway you can just walk on the oceans, "come get me now ****ers!".

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