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Originally Posted by ~Matt~ View Post
sorry but anyone who needs to log more than 3 characters at the same time is up to something dodgy to begin with. At no point have I ever needed to log more than 2.

One marketeer, and my main. OK, if I wanted to set up a miner, that would be 3 clients, but I chose not to set up a miner.
What if you want 10 miners while you sleep?

What if you wanna put a bunch of low lvl noobs in bi conductress so that when herc noobs come in they go black and you can detain gear, maybe you got noobs who spam skills and you wanna jump in the noobs to make em red before killing em.

If I could log many chars at once I'd make a hugh stack with a red named noob under a bunch of white named lvl 3s
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