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Default Video Proof and Jailed Screeny

there are times i question myself and am sure u do 2 , do bulkers rly get bjed? even if u get the evidence of video, its just a list of names on the chitchat section but is there any PROOF that they actualy get bjed? i have heard many times from people that they can actually pay tq to get unban from bjed stuff like that, and its just not right, so am sure we wud all agree that Evelyin on the non vip forum should take a screen shot of the people geting bjed only for the people that pvp bot, auto lvl and such dont rly need to screeny that, but am sure every 1 wud like sum sort of evidence that they got bjed, we atleast deserve that for spending time doing tqs job and recording botters and trying to get them ban.

and yeah this is the vip fourm so dont troll, am not a vip >.<
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