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Originally Posted by Blackknite View Post
I have been disconnecting every 20-30 minutes lately. All i am doing in sitting down on a roof in TC away from everyone. My ping is 292. From what i hear i am not the only one having this issue. I have completely stopped spending my hard earned money on this game because of all the issues it has, the change of being banned becuase the item might have been worked up by botters, and so on ans so forth. When all the issues are fixed and i am guarenteed not to get banned for buying an item, then i will start spendign money again.

Is anyone else havng disconnect issues?
This disconnecting problem is also happening to me right now. I am doing my school work and have my character sitting afk to allow my students to share bp and I am having to log back in every few minutes. I have shut down the client and reopened to see if the error lies there but this is failing and I am dced again in only a few minutes. I do not understand whats going on but please fix this issue.
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