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Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
Well, May 29th will mark the day of the Warriors rising up against other forces in the world of Conquer, but will it succeed?

New skills are Defensive Stance, Magic Defender, and Charging Vortex, the previous two are about defense, which will make it a true defender down the stretch, protecting the players around.

When it comes to the fight the teamwork matters the most, will the value of Warriors shine?

What do you think?

For the brief information about the new skills, here they are.

Defensive Stance: Completely Magic damage immune. Once activated, a strong defending shield will be built surrounding the character.
Surely this one should be Magic Defender

Magic Defender: 300% of normal defense will be in place, you can protect the players at a certain range around you!
And this one should be Defensive Stance

Charging Vortex: A similar skill to the Tempest, but the range is wider and the power will be lowered.
Read the above parts in red Meph.. Think you made a mistake
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