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Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
Well, our team decided to give everyone a fair chance to play to their maximum potential, the bound gear comes into being.

So how do you perceive this? Do you think it's good for the community and the average players to thrive and have a chance to go up against the bulkers?
Sadly, on the market, you can buy non bound gears of the same stats for less cps than you guys are offering. These gears wont be letting average players have a chance to go up against bulkers, lol.

Originally Posted by ~*ThatGuy*~ View Post
I went to the link Khev posted up and I went to the bottom to check out the steed is it going to be bound? or not :/ "+4SteedPack 129 cps you get a +4 steed from Black, Steed Maroon Steed and White Steed." If not its gonna be cheap I may have to buy me some.
Also there may be some typos I dont think any one buying a super soc braclet or a super soc bag would want a SDG...I would prefer a SPG. "SuperBraceletPack 639 cps you get a Lv.105 Super 1-Soc +4 Dark Bracelet(-1)(B) and a Super Dragon Gem(B)"
Yes, I would also like to know about the horses!
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