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Originally Posted by traptdemon View Post
Yep the over size bots does lag the game they appear when the server opens which i've seen a spike of 1k to 5k of ping. If your in a server where most of the server is in red condition you'll have a good chance of getting lag out or infinite lag. Even in the pirate server the server was lagging because of a lot of people in this server including people who cheat in the test server by hunting bot+ mine bot.

I call them zombie bots because once you report them and they get banned, they will always come back from the grave. Of course it will piss off the person who is using these bots, but in the end they will always keep doing it no matter what.

zombie bots are usually located in ac 2nd map, desert city second map and mines that have multiple floors. If you think your a bit safe mining well think again because some people hate bots and if your one of the luckiest to be seen by the person the chance that person will think your a bot a kill you so mining killing increases in all mines.

I've heard that TQ is launching a patch to deal with the problem, but i am thinking thats maybe a temporary problem or maybe they will not do anything at all who knows.
Where exactly have you 'heard' this rofl?
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