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Originally Posted by User566088421 View Post
Hi, So Dragon is having ridiculous lag, im talking about 21k ping+ i cant even get 1% while hunting in Frozen Grotto 3, ive just wasted an exp pot getting disconnected because of this, can you tell me why we are getting this amount of lag?

The amount of LAG I experienced was so ridiculous that i just logged off in the middle of last Guild War. Getting disconnected several times in the time frame of 10 minutes is so aggravating. I may stay on for about 5 minutes but my character's strikes happens 3 to 4 seconds after, is annoying and frustrating. I have experinced LAG before but not at this magnitude. I feel it is a waste of time playing Conquer if this continues.

As per KHEV, Those multiple ninja botters and outdated servers are the culprit. I and everyone else in my server can agree to this. Many players also agree that TQ is falling short in policing and maintaining this game. They are quick to introduce a new character, meanwhile the existing playing field is just about to collapse.
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