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Originally Posted by rickyfowler View Post
Everyone keeps talking about monks nerfed, herc this, pirate that. The REAL issue is the lag, you cant fight, plvl, do any quests or simply even stay connected. Its takes 9 seconds just for you to take off your weapon, its that behind and slow. TQ STOP EVERYTHING your doing and fix this, many people have quit, we all stopped buying DBS, our 25 meg internet service means shit when your game runs like a microwave. Your pirate will be a fail, your cross server guild wars fail, cross server capture flag fail, banning botters fail,nerf this fail, fix that fail. You honestly are about 4 months away from shutting this game down. US veterans who have played 8 years and mailed in $15,000 are slowly walking away from this game because there is NO SUPPORT. Why add a bunch of new shit if a KEY component of your game is missing? LIKE THE ABILITY TO MOVE 3 STEPS! WORK ON LAG!
The only line I really paid attention to I bolded. 25 megs? Rofl I'm on 1 GB/sec, that just might be your problem right there.

Edit: I agree servers are definitely outdated, however I'm east coast and I can run as low as 90 ping, if I moved to california or even just British Columbia(im canadian) that would drop to like 30-40 ping.

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