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^ offer free transfer to the sand negars

@darknite: reading your char name and finding a mistake in it made me think you were probably an egy... i honestly swear it. oh and "growing up" has no connection whatsoever to racism and i personally think prejudice doesnt need to change and is a good thing

oh and in case you are desperate and try playing that card on me:
L140, King
Super +12 2sdg -7 Earings p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Necky p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Katanas p6 2x
Super +12 2sdg -7 DexRing p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Boots p6
Super +12 2sdg -7 Vest p6
Super +12 2stg -1 Fan
Super +12 2sgg -1 Tower
Super +12 Crop -1 2x -1 Wrenchs
+12 Frostbite Steed -1 cloudtiger
DivineRobe -1 MiraculousGourd -1
Super +12 2sdg -7 Scythe p6
Total BP: 385
My greatest accomplishment on CO is making people cry by simply logging in. 06/09/11

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