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Default Chinese CO Updates

I've been digging around the Chinese CO site (via Google translate ), and I've found that there's going to be a 5th house upgrade, I have no idea how a person will be able to achieve this, seeing as how the highest level ores (Gold) have already been implemented to make class 4 upgrades.

Seems they also are having a shopping rush. 3 Garment Packs, which comes with a TaeKwonDo, an Peking General, or that Biker garm, along with a Bunny Steed (), not sure of the +, 5 Poly Shendan Certificates, which I would guess are Lotto Tickets, a DB, a small praying stone, not sure if its bound, and whatever a Volume Meteor is, if I had to guess, mets. All for 4476 cps.

There are also Special item packs that include a super +6 1 soc -3% damage that are level 70, a super gem of your choice, excluding thunder, glory and tort (I believe), a LotteryTicket, and a week bless stone. Each pack is 3588 cps.

Link to their latest patch: April, 29, 2011, detailing the main aspects of the patch, primarily pointing out #5
Link to the Shopping Rush: here.

Edit: There seems to only be weaps and armor and earrs, you only get the lotto ticket and the week stone if you buy the armor and earrs pack, which seems odd cause weapons are cheaper than armor.

Edit#2: Editing this post as I find stuff. The new subclass that half of you probably heard of also gives you the option of changing your mount into another animal. Well, I believe that it works in the same way as accessories do, except you get to equip more types of "Mount Coats" as you level that subclass, I think its called Wrangler. You can obtain them from the Dragon, Banshee, or using Horse Racing points. They also mentioned something about Permanent Mount Coats, but I'm not sure what they meant by that, or how to get one.
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