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Originally Posted by Khev View Post
So my question would be, when would they make a "backup" of you? Since they say that you have to log off to avoid data loss, I'd assume its when you log off? And maybe at certain points in the game?

If so, I'll just set up a task scheduler to kill the conquer.exe process 5 minutes before maintenance. It shouldn't be botjailable, because it comes with my computers system tools, and as it doesn't exactly benefit me in game, but it deters any detrimental effects.
I would guess it is when you log off yeah, must be something to logging off a certain amount of time before the maint?

Just set up it up to disconnect you 5 mins before maints? I can't say for 100% that you wouldn't be botjailed for it but you could have an auto-shut down for your computer or something I should think... I don't work for TQ so I won't take credit either way =p
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