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Originally Posted by Khev View Post
So has anyone noticed that if you were in TG for a somewhat lengthy amount of time, and a maintenance occurred, that your progress inside TG was erased?

This has happened to me a couple times now, but I thought that I was just hallucinating() or something.

I know that the system says, right when the server closes that you should log off to prevent any data loss, but that hasn't been the case up until just recently.

Could this possibly have anything to do with the more thorough clean-up of servers that they have been doing?

I'll try to provide before and after screenshots whenever I get the chance, hopefully with the time and date clearly shown.
It does say what I bolded, I've heard of people losing a couple of PCT that they gained etc, sometimes I guess the clean up is needed and the point where the server physically disconnects you, it hasn't created a backup as it begins the clean up...

I'm not 100% sure but that seems the logical idea.
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