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I was thinking of making a pure war too a friend of mine borrowed my Elite 1 soc war armour and with meteors in tc he made it 2 soc xD so lucky me.
Currently i have Super +5 2 soc wnad Elite +5 2 soc shield and elite 2 soc +5 war armour so i might make same combo as you, i'm not really a pker but pure war sounds alot of fun =D

i did the same with my first char Went archer - archer -Trojan (Not a real good combo(still have that account not using anymore though))

Nin war water a pretty nice combo but the stronger people you fight the more chance u fight against a 100% detox character so nin becomes useless (even tough not many people use detox)=S

Pure water was also a class i wanted to try out (maybe gonna do it later since i can borrow my Spouse Tao gear) Azure shield i think its kinda overpowerd >.< me with 280 bp fight against a 200 bp water tao with azure shield took me around 60k damage to finally kill her (while me hitting around 12k a ss which u can't pot quick against

Nice combo's guys hopefully more people will post ^^
i reincrnated the archer archer water to pure water before i reincrnated the ninja war water . The ninja water i had made a different account (the time the bigginer packs were back for the ninja). So i decided I liked it and went ahead with the pure water as my main

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