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i didnt presume that u keep ur current lvl :P just wanted to find out what lvl u will get capped at but if ur sure its 120 then cool so its 120 + 99 so everyone should be at 219bp?
edit- forgot rebirth? is that 10 more?

on a side note there doesnt seem to be a hp cap...does that mean everyone will still be running around with 20k hp and this bascially means no one will die unless they get starred and spiked...

Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
Actually it doesn't work out the way you thought it should.

indeed you've done the calculation so it saved me trouble getting into that. That being said, I tried this tourney beforehand, and the battle power would be reduced to a certain level as the rules say, if your nobility doesn't reach earl, then no changes apply, if it's above that level, it gets decreased.

same thing happens to the sets of gear you wear for your char. When you enter the map, no matter if it's a +12, it'll become the same, well, the attributes on gear itself don't change, but noticeably the attributes for your char, including BP, would be different from before entering.

on a side note, the maximum level in the map is lvl.120. So what you presumed doesn't stand. =p

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