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灯泡 Some features from Eudemons Online what we need it too!

This cool TQ game Eudemons Online have some cool features what can help us CO players to to have one better ingame experience and fun
*First of all forget that part with pets. This makes EO original,and we in conquer dont need a copy of EO
1.)Eudemons online have auction house where people can bid money to buy stuff for gold what will be stored in your auction warehouse and you can take it from the anytime you want.
2.)Market stalls. Shops in eudemons online are sold for money.You can buy your own shop and resell it .Like this game economy grow.
3.)Advertised shop. In EO players can advertise their shop for 100k/hour and get faster and more eps( like cps here) for their stuff.
4.)In EO you can inlink your shop in BC and advertise it
5.)In EO every VIP have one VIP gift free BC every day.
I wish to see this,in conquer too. by the way those ideas are TQ's ideas not main. But i would like to see them in conquer too

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