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Originally Posted by Tommit View Post
How do you knwo how many you are running on so I can look?
Its in your Network and Sharing Center (Windows 7), Network (Windows XP).

Just go into it and look at your "Local Area Connection", It tells you what speed your Internet is coming through at, but it also depends on your PC and how much of that internet it can actually handle via LAN Card. Also take a look at your packets (sent and received).

Normally if you have good internet and it says your getting 100 mbps and you have say anywhere from 10k-50k sent and received... your not getting the full 100 mbps it says your capable of getting. Now mine on the other hand... I get 100 mbps and have a range of 765kk - 2.2kkk as my sent and received lol.

Packets (sent and received) are what your ISP are throwing at your computer basically also what your computer is intaking from the ISP. lol sometimes its complicated stuff but that's about the jist of it.
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