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Originally Posted by User457487605 View Post
dude you clearly need to go to school before making remarks about computers. First off we live in the USA. Second an Ethernet Cable can go way able 30 Mbs. now you don't know what you are talking about stop posting on it.
I never said you were in the UK. I do not need to go to school, and know quite a bit. I didn't once mention Ethernet cables, so i have no idea what your point is? I am also talking about how ISP claim to provide UPTO certain speeds, but you rarely ever reach the maximum speeds and 90% of the time will only be running at a fraction of it as there are many factors to take into consideration.

Originally Posted by User457487605 View Post
Also there are cables now that are fybre optic from wall to computer. Please read about the new technology around the worrld like your comment abotu the lady with 40 Gbs.
It doesn't matter if you got fibre optics from wall to computer if you haven't got fibre optics going from the local telephone exchange to your house, Which, the UK doesn't have. There is currently a trial under way in London which is hooking some lucky houses up with fibre optic cables in a bid to test a new 1.5gbps internet connection. As for the story i posted about the lady with 40gbs, that was specially set up to show it can be done, it had the local councils help, etc.
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