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2013-06-19 04:31 AM

Hello everybody
Hello everybady
Hello all players Co..
i am Jessy from Canada Ontario ,
i have 6 Account VIP Level 3- and Level 6.
i am play Co 9 years with all fmaily
my sister name:Nikola.she have more Account VIP Level 3.
my father have Account VIP Level 7 .
my brother have 10 Account All VIP Level 4 into level 7 .
i have 7 account full +12 -7 item's i star play with All server ,
i like Co games and Like all GM's i know Old Old GM's and know new staff GM
For a conference which includes how to assistant labor have to undergo some cheaters in the game we will discuss it and report will give you everything we do what we can strive to prevent it

We hope for your understanding
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2013-06-19 04:32 AM

when you will do that.....

2013-06-19 04:35 AM

i am waiting you offer it and all players need to see that and how can all make safe for the account please i need really your help i can't make trust to GM becuase another GM help another players to took my item's for free i need to know how Can She do it and what the email of web master Co games

2013-06-19 04:40 AM

can i know when you will offer that , i hope to GM see that , i am cry every time , i love Co please understand what is my feeling now

2013-06-19 04:51 AM

i need to know the time date you will offer it Evlien please can you help me only i need to know Email web master Co games , i have big problem in game

2013-06-19 04:52 AM

Hello all working Team GM
Banana[GM], Star7[PM], Synsia[GM], Lilac[GM] and Opal[GM]
please i log my VIP Account by forum and checking All Rules and i miss to back in game
i need play please i am very Cry and sad , i need someone understand my problem , i am not care for my account because she is botjail no any one can transfer my item's , but after our GM will back it i think i will get chance and can me play again in my server i miss to chat with my friends i can't belevel New account i can't play with noop , how can me play games of 7 years and now ask me to play with Noop at games please i need your help i offer to Sophia GM manager Account issue Team :
1- Full number of DB Codes number me created it by account , my problem Sir GM Some one stolen my correct registered Email address: and and find my codes number and full password , i have more VIP account so i make all password save by my emails , This hackers sir GM Offer us more info because she have my Email address but i am really owner , i have long time no see my characters open she will never can do any thing because she is my account and me can helping my self
2- i offer us more Old password and correct info
3- i offer to GM Old screen shoot me used it and me playing with my account
4-i offer normal IP Address and correct registered email address
5-i am send to GM From old registered email
6-i send to GM forget password by your web site me save it by old mails
why Sophia Don't ask your self how can me get all this info please?
did you need any info sir please i send to you now some of screen shoot me have it i hope you can understand i have more screen shoot i can talk you every thing you need it , but this emails address: This hackers steal it and me only have chance to locked it but i can't back it if you need me locked this emails just let me know i will try send to Yahoo account and she will helping me , please Can you now back my password and safe my account please Sister GM Account issue i go to hospital 3 month and leave it i am very sick sir and sister and i am all the time sad i can't do any thing just send message for you in the hope some days you will see my message and will understand my feeling of my account Thanks sir So much for helping me and make me send message for you ..

2013-06-19 04:54 AM

Feedback on suggestions here.(LAST UPDATED August 30th)
With so many of you guys wondering if this is the right place to suggest something to us, I've kept up the end of my words that I did really send reports to the higher up, those ideas with most supported comments and being viewed viable and feasible.

The following suggestions were already being passed along to the higher ups.

Apr. 4th - 8th

1.Team PK: No Switching Teams.

2.Hide Dragon Soul Effects

P.S. this suggestion was sent to the higher up with the picture shopped by the original poster.

3.Class Overhaul
The suggestions for every class.

4.Change and stop using the same images for items(No Link)

5.New Resolution(Work In Progress)

Apr 11th - 20th

1. Composing stones in each other

2. Revamp TG
(This has been brought into discussion 4 meetings back, it should be a work in progress)

3. Move Artisan Cloud to market

4. DISABLE trade and more

5. Remove Permanently Botjailed/Banned Accounts from Nobility
(This has also been discussed 3 or 4 meetings back, and the designer is well aware of this issue)

6. Changing Guild Name

7. Conquer Online needs a lot of stuff upgraded, more than just baby steps

8. Lend/Borrow Function

Apr 20th - 30th

1. Love Stroll

2. Couple PK interactions.
(This is gonna be implemented to the game NEXT WEEK!)

3. Ability to 'unlearn' skills

4. Ability to Lock Accessories

5. Alliance Chat(This, in fact, was discussed during a regular meeting of project Conquer and my higher up knows of this a bit, this has also been passed along to the designer)

6. Skilled ELITE PK Tournament

7. Mods: for the love of all things guildly

May 3rd - 15th.

1. Stone City

2. Bound Items Detained

3. Capture the Flag Guild Limit(From Facebook)
7-day limit on the guild member who can participate in the CTF contest.

4.Suggestion Area.(E-mail from a player)
Put a limit on the amount of pots that can be used in Arena at 30 or so.

5. A way to stop spamming requests.

6. VIP Talking Program

May 23rd - 31st.

1.Upgrade Summoning
This was discussed last afternoon during the regular meeting with the designers. And unfortunately this one was denied.

2.Sort items as you like
Due to the engine this game is running on, this suggestion seems to fall short of being implemented, and also denied, but it brought to existence a good suggestion, expand the warehouse, make it twice the current warehouse.

3.Shut Up botters

4.Starting Game Music Disabler

5.Change Server Maintenance Time

6.Alphabetize Friends List

June 1st - 13th.

1.Fix Your God Damn Login Issues

2.clan wars or team wars? change the name please
This was discussed and passed last afternoon during the regular meeting, and I think soon the rules to Clan War will be changed.

3.Useless Reward Remove From Events

4.Complete Encryption Change

5.CPS warehouse deposit

June 13rd - 18th
1.CTF loopholes

2.New Glitch or Old

3.Subclass for soul shackle so gw isn't so 1 sided for all servers.

4.Class Overhaul

June 20th - July 1st
1.Mount Garment

2.Bulk update request
Denied, but they'll consider bringing a new feature to use in the near future. Stay tuned

3.Changing Guild Names
Denied, this would bring much more inconveniences.

4.So biggest wants from the players
Considering in progress, the drop rate will be modified.

5.TQ C Card

6.Quiz Master Garments

July 2nd - 15th

1.Customized Garments Event

2.remove audio

3.The ability to block people from joining your guild. G-Recruitment System
Denied, the original purpose of this feature is to relieve the Guild Leader from having hands full.


5.Clean up gear screen

Denied, it takes more work than just relocating the slots.

6.Change the drop rates on pots
Stamped, it'll be modified as well

7.Max the level in skill team pk 137

8.appearance modifications

July 16th - August 8th

1.Blacklist for Guilds

2.Automatic Inscription

3.Donation Listings

4.Ally Chat
This has been brought up to the designer when Dark~Colossus was here, and the designer has ordered the tech guy to do this.

5.VIP Mines

6.PK Modes

7.AFK Message

8.Wine Zone

9.Dance Books

August 9th - 30th

1.Demon Boxes for 2 Weeks


3.Skill and Team PKT

4. A list of current skills which require stamina. - From Dark~Colossus

5.Screen Clear Button

2013-06-19 04:57 AM or can contact to account issue with this web site for your problem :
Thanks ..

2013-06-19 05:03 AM

As summer approaches, it gets hot in Twin City, too! To accommodate the continuous wave of new players and those who want to start a new adventure, the CO team has decided to open a new US server, "Summer Wind", on June 24th! To celebrate the opening of the new server, as well as to give the young adventures a boost to help them begin their new journey, the CO team has prepared several events for all players on the upcoming “Summer Wind” server.

Note: The “Summer Wind” server won’t appear on the list of destination servers for character transfer within TWO years after opening.

Starter Pack Giveaway
After creating a character and logging in the game, every player will receive a Prosperity Pack. This pack contains supplies that are useful for beginners to build their legend! It can be opened every 5 levels, as you progress.

Top Players
The top 3 players of each class (Ninja, Taoist, Monk, Warrior, Trojan Pirate and Archer/Assassin) in the "Summer Wind" server who gain the highest level by 24:00 July 23rd will receive special prizes. Rebirth will be counted first!

From June 24th - July 23rd, players in the new server will receive Fresh Value Packs (containing 1 Exp Ball, 10 Meteors and 500, 000 Silver) for EVERY $15.99/29.99 TQ Point Card they credited (2 Fresh Value Packs for each $29.99 card credited). Moreover, the top 10 players who credit the most CPs during the event will receive a special reward!

Top Guild
The guild in the "Summer Wind" server who wins the Guild War for July 20th will receive extra rewards!

You can find the detailed information on the event page.

2013-06-19 05:04 AM

We are glad to announce that Patch 5736 (Mac-1219) will be released, following the routine maintenance scheduled on June 20th, 2013.

Note: You must be sure that the client is completely closed before patching, otherwise the patch may not be installed correctly and you won’t be able to login the game.

Highlights of Patch 5736 (Mac - 1219)
Treasure Basin
Every player in CO will receive their very own treasure jar between June 20th - 30th.If you make a small investment, this fantastic jar will bring you a great reward!
The Treasure Basin will be delivered directly to your Inventory, so there’s no need to go searching! You can find out about all of the available items you can receive on the event page!

Monthly Gift Pack
Any player above Level 80 can receive a valuable gift pack just by logging into the game from June 20th – June 23rd. Check your Inventory! Players who have completed their first or 2nd rebirth will receive better items!

Bug Fixes:

Some test errors have been corrected.

All times are GMT -7. The time now is 04:23 AM.