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2012-09-23 09:19 PM

Games Unplayable
I can't believe this game anymore lol. Can't even play it regular. Log in and have a 5 second delay on anything and everything you do. The bots just continue to overpopulate the servers, ridiculous. This game has definitely been trashed. Oh and yeah, TQ's idea of bot protection is garbage, millions of bots on the servers while they do nothing.

BTW, there's more bots than legit players. How about one of you lazy asses log into game and try to do something with a 5 second delay.

2012-09-24 01:41 PM

Can't say that I disagree. I started playing on my Ninja again to 1st reborn her, which I should be able to do tomorrow, and it's been damn-near impossible to do 300s on her. Heck, even doing this weekend's event (get monster spirits and change NPC's into monsters) was horrible on all of my characters. Competing with bots is an utterly useless endeavor.

2012-10-03 01:24 AM

That couple of days without bots. Was that just a tease? Could you do whatever you did again, please?

2012-10-03 05:50 AM

i start detect some warrior bots in freedom server
Bot programmer try to adapt... but for the moment only saw 2-3 bot in each map.
we will see............

2012-10-23 06:09 PM

hanging garaden : I was just luky I saw 2-3 players in each map !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't play, you talk about 5 sec what if the screen freeze 10-15 second every 2 sec.
I am lvl 133 2nd I lost today in arena 17 match
For today I give up may be tomorow

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