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2013-11-02 12:37 PM

Question for maxed guys
Simple question for those who are full +12 and 140.
What do you guys do in game?
Couse all daily quests give xp which is worthless for fixed 140,study points when all subclases are fixed,or events which give worth stuff even if all set is already maxed out.
So whats the point of playing? Is it just simply jumping around or pvp?
Couse even at my 300bp i find this game boring and routine simply makes it worse.

2013-11-02 07:52 PM

One guy on my server has been maxed out for like 3 years. He along with about 10 other full maxed out characters just kill banshi and all those powerful monsters all day long. Usually their making heaps of alt accounts and got them teamed up so their alts can get study/chi or whatever. Also another guy has been full maxed for about 3 years as well...he just dominates guild war and pk events. And literally today he said he's going to another server. So yeah...if your bored switch people to dominate. If you want to be dominated come to lightning....heaps and heaps of full +12 here

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