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2012-02-22 10:47 AM

Server Transfer
Each account can apply for a server transfer only once time.

^ i read that on the site, so this mean i can only transfer to another server for one-time only, and server hopping is not allowed, not even for an increase in payment, like 1st 3kcps, 2nd time 6kcps, ??

2012-02-22 12:10 PM

Nope, one way travel, otherwise people will exploit it to make money.

2012-02-22 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by Dark~Colossus (Post 26607)
Nope, one way travel, otherwise people will exploit it to make money.

So is this implemented into the game then?

2012-02-22 12:15 PM


Originally Posted by Tommit (Post 26608)
So is this implemented into the game then?

Not yet, I dunno where he saw this...

2012-02-22 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by Dark~Colossus (Post 26609)
Not yet, I dunno where he saw this...

i just read it on the site, its in there news feed.

2012-02-22 12:25 PM

2012-02-22 12:26 PM

aye, that be the link

2012-02-22 02:03 PM

clear your items in the item box of your house before the server maintenance on the next Thursday!

Please explain ?

what will happen to items in all cities warehouse and poker room warehouse ? Will we dont get our items in warehouse after char transfered?

2012-02-22 03:34 PM


After the transfer is complete, your character's sub-class, items, skills, weapon proficiency, and quest data will be transferred to the server you wish to move to. Your character's Enemy list, Flower Ranking, Nobility Rank, and Arena Honor Ranking will be reset.
Pathetic. Looks like they didn't listen. Euro players stuck in US servers from before Euro servers were released, unless they want to lose their hard earned nobility. Just one more reason for Euro players to stop playing.

I've written them an email.. wonder what the response will be.


Hi there, I have spoke to several GMs about the server transfer, and none of them can give me a specific answer.

I am a European player stuck in a US server. I cannot attend server events such as guild war, team pk championship, elite pk championships and so on..
When I started playing this game, there was no Euro servers, however, there was no other server events apart from guildwar and dis city, however, both of these had Euro times in the US server.

The question I've asked several GM's over the last 3 months was the part about nobility not transferring with us.
I find this extremely rude to paying players that are stuck in the wrong timezone.

I for one was going to transfer 4 or 5 characters, and a lot of friends were going to transfer too.
On my personal characters, I have over 3 billion silver in nobility, based on the average DB price in my server, that is 176 DB's.
It would be a total of 300 DB's if I was forced to donate CP's into nobility.
I have spent several thousand dollars on this game so why should I have to forfeit that many DB's, and then more on top of that for your own mistakes?

I have suggested time and time again to simply open up a brand new server in the European time zone for players like myself, for Euro players stuck in US servers to transfer too, which would allow us to take nobility with us. Why is this not an option for veteran players?

I look forward to reading a response from you.

2012-02-22 09:28 PM

This isn't an option at all until they sort out the botting issue, no way am I spending that much hard earned cash when someone else can just bot their way through in a few days...

Explaining the item box query: the item box(es) in your HOUSE is(are) NOT part of the 'banking system', hence you need to empty them out or you will loose whats in them.

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