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2019-07-13 09:45 PM

tired of it
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so tired of these botters planted by tq to rob us just on and on they teleport through screens there everywhere non stop every F%$## screen and you see theseMO#$^&#%S get in screen and i cant jump cant move cant target anything but they F#%#$ crowd me and never f^$^7 miss never get lagged out. i have to waste everything trying to compete with tq allowed botters i got f&%$#ng carpal tunnel in my arm from trying to compete against botters i will find a criminal and civil action solution to these f#g a$3 theives tq everyserver botts are all over hunting areas again and everything i level i just get weaker and weaker F^%$564e BU87457T these new hero bull robbed me from day one everytime i click on log in took me to daily quests crap now look at my consecutive sign ins f%$ Bull&*$5 sent report nothing just fU3453 ignored

2019-10-29 08:13 AM

Not TQ though it's Egys

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