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2014-03-27 07:57 PM

Gemini: Killer Hack Case
Hello Everyone my name is Wesley from Brazil and ive been playing Eudemons Online for a long time because i love the game. I love taking care of my pets and building very nice items. I keep asking my friends to play Eudemons too. I made a very good relationship with my friends in real life and online friends because of the game. I like spending time chatting w/ friends, doing difficult quest and ofcourse pk enemies.Enemies hate me for sure tho Lol. I spent so much time and money just to get full 3soc gears and high star pets. My hardwork has come into fruition because i made it to rank 1 with lots of competition. So yeah i spent a lot and upgraded my VIP level to 6. Lately, i was hacked by some unknown human being. I felt so sad and it greatly affects my life . I felt so down and clueless on why, why would they do this to me. Ive been really nice to my friends. With the help of some friends, i found out who did this to me. His name is RebornXXX and he used a noob character name Queen-Crazy to trade everything. That guy is my friend in real life. I remember him checking my computer when i was in the kitchen cooking food for lunch. I guess he wrote down all of my info which is save in my desktop as notepad.I wont tell the rest of details unless a GM ask me for it. Now, i want my gears and pets back including the fixed knights he stole from me. As a VIP 6, i have the right to ask for a special attention which i guess is part of my privilege. Down below is the list of my gears,pets, knights and etc.

Server Name:Constellation (Gemini/Cancer)
Character Name:Killer
Character Level: lvl150
Rank in CH:Overall rank 4

Items; 3soc helmet sup divine +2 (Sup beryl/Citrine)
3soc necky sup divine +6 (Sup Citrine)
3soc bracelet sup divine +2 (Sup amber)
3soc Talon sup divine +7 (Sup citrine)
3soc Talon sup divine +2 (Sup amber)
3soc Armor sup divine +2 (Sup beryl/citrine)
3soc boots sup divine +2 (Sup amber)
3soc boots uniq divine (Sup citrine)

Talisman ;+12 Horn
+12 crown
+12 Rune

Pets; 140* Thunder Rabbit (warior)
131* Rabbit Lori (mage)

Knights; 76 or 82* Spirit Sadie (mage)
81* Rex
70* Vanquisher
70* Scrunch
70* Pdefmdef

Extra Pets; 61* Lanir
35* Lanir
22* Mage tinna

I check the ranking of all my pets I saw Queen-Crazy have it..

PS: I decided to post it here to hurry things up because its almost Monthly Pk Tour and it will take 3 days before GMs reply to my Email.

2014-04-30 12:18 AM

u must be kidding with me here is conquer VIP forum and u post

Eudemons Online stuff here ?? !!

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