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2011-12-28 01:58 AM

Player run event idea...
So here's my idea for something fun to do...
Someone who has a decent Water tao (high enough to rev on demand) needs to host this, that's all thats required :)

What ever will we do? Lets call it a chain of noob tournaments
Well we simply 'all' (all being whomever wants to come along on the day at the specified time) create a new character on the hosting server.
Pick a class you think will win under the conditions below:
get that new character to exactly level 5 BEFORE the tournament starts
We then ALL get together with our level 5, with the host with his water tao.
Location? somewhere, anywhere on the server where we can fight safely without being mobbed.

We then simply fight some PK tournaments as lvl 5 noobs. This may get tricky for the winners as they will likely change color... So the host can perhaps bring some spare gear (as a water they can get some quick anyway).
Tournament formats? That would be up to the host to decide, some suggestions: elimination singles; elimination doubles/teams; best out of 3, etc...
Winners of course get serious brag rights in the VIP forums! Please remember to take some screenshots & link those back somewhere on the VIP forums as well...
We can make this a regular event: We can run these tournaments over a 'season' in 5 level increments. So a week later, do it all again but all characters have to be level 10. etc...
(It will be curious to see if the winner changes at higher levels?)
Gear restrictions: all gear must be normal & purchasable from a standard TC vendor.
Sadly I'm in New Zealand, so it could be quite tricky for me to host it & actually have someone turn up due to the way out there timezone (midnight server time on LION server, is 9pm here which would be about the time I could host it).
If that's not an issue I'd happily host such an event, I should have a high enough water lying around somewhere... I'm more than happy for anyone else to pick this up though.
Personally I can run such an event when I get back from holiday to Aussie in a couple of weeks (I suspect the holidays might be a bad time to do this, but this suggestion is not time bound & can be done anytime)
I'd say we'd need at least 10 players to get it going.
So the question, are you keen or not?
If you are keen, then please post preferred times & whether you could host. We can then work out the details from that.

Hey perhaps if we get this off the ground Meph will chuck in a cool prize of some sort? :D

2011-12-28 01:02 PM

It's not a bad idea, but no class besides tao and archer would even be able to win, seeing as how the rest get their main skills at level 40.

2011-12-28 06:45 PM

sure but if this was a player made tourny, i don't see how to make it official.

2011-12-29 08:46 AM

Yeah, no trojans could get fb/ss in 4 levels, Warriors couldn't use a shield, no Radiant or WWK for monks, no tfb for ninjas...

Only archers and taos would be able to win at level 5...

And I have a water tao, if needed to host, but I'd want to play too ;)

2011-12-29 11:48 AM

at level 5 we will all use our fists like MEN

2011-12-29 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by MonsterDo (Post 23789)
at level 5 we will all use our fists like MEN

Or level regular gears to super and add +12 and 2 sockets with highest enchanted bp possible to a little level 5 weapon haha.

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