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2012-11-02 03:27 PM

TangDynast and Evolution Merge
Sure I am not they only one that is wanting this merge to hurry up and take place. We all have gears waiting on Evolution to improve our chars from TangDynast when this merge does take place, sure there are a few players from Evolution as well. On TangDynast sever, the arena is dead, you can never get to stage 4 of dis due to lack of players on the sever, only one area in market has sellers. We are all in need of new blood to play with. We all have been hearing about this merge for at least 2 months, and just ready for it to happen already.

Please TQ team hurry and make this merge happen asap

2012-11-02 04:34 PM


2012-11-02 06:53 PM

Damm right merge the servers already and maybe it will make this game a little more exiting,, new friends as well as new enemies.. I say MERGE

2012-11-03 09:45 AM

I am so ready for this merge to happen and from the players i have talked to on both severs they are all ready for this to happen, we all want new players to play with and get to know. I just hope TQ hurries up and does this merge, sooner rather then later.

2012-11-03 10:51 AM

im also for merging tang is dead server alot of ppl quiting of not merge soon it will be DEAD in all point of the word.

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