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2012-03-02 11:06 AM

Sea of death?
I just been in Sea of death for the first time, I went in to hunt botters.
After killing a few of them I went red name..

Luckily I'm strong enough that no one could kill me in that map. But I thought this map was meant to be a free pk map? as in 0 PKP for killing others?

2012-03-02 07:33 PM

Lets turn this into a suggestion...

TQ please update this page, it predates the pirates release...

2012-03-03 01:32 AM

Would this be the map to the right of the grotto in desert city?

2012-03-03 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by Tommit (Post 27090)
Would this be the map to the right of the grotto in desert city?

Yes. The website and patch notes from when this was released say you don't get PKP in this map.. However, when I was hunting botters, I got pkp for every botter i killed.

2012-03-03 08:44 AM

yeah my friend made the same mistake yesterday, i know for a fact that it was a PKP free zone as when it 1st came out i went and killed botters for hours without racking up the points, but now yesterday my friend was doing the same and he went red.

Agreed that TQ need to update the site

2012-03-03 10:27 AM

This must be a recent change, because I used to go there and kill botters too, but never got any pkps there.

I wonder if they changed it so unlocked gears can drop now, but as usual didn't notify the players of such an important change that could cost us a ton of cps (in their favor, of course).

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