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2013-02-06 06:43 PM Issues
Does anyone have problems buying the cards from

Having issues for 1 week and neither Walmart nor Tq have any idea how to help me or what I even talk about!

I keep getting an error processing message from Walmart when I try to get the Tq cards and the funds are there.

2013-02-06 11:30 PM

maybe it has the fact to do that when they scan a card at a store it activates it. so when you buy offline you probably have to go into your local Hell(walmart) and have them scan it to activate it.

2013-02-07 06:43 PM

Can you be more specific about the problem?

2013-02-15 11:28 PM

hey man the problem is with walmart call and just dont give up on them and theyll start refunding yu money for the inconvience i spent 3 days of phone talk with them and they agve me 130 dollars free only for trying to purchase 30 dollars worth of cards.ITs walmarts problem and no there is n o cause or just for it they jsut have bad online anything

2013-02-16 12:49 PM

I never knew wal-mart sold cards online, new to me

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