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2011-03-15 09:02 PM

[VIP]ForumGame (Story Writing)
Let's make an awessome story.

I Would like to suggest to stop Story at post #1000
I Start the story with the first 3 words "7 years ago"

Only 3 words per post
NO Cursing/swearing!
Don't forget to have fun xD

Let us start: =D

As an update. Here is the entire story in full SO FAR. I will update when I have another bored hour...

7 Years ago, there was a new mmorpg called Conquer Online. It is boring lately Since Tq digital screwed it up by adding terrible updates full of toxic fog and stupid quests that got one Nicknac to see stars. So the stars thought about Nicknac in perverted ways And got banned. Then more stars asked Nicknacs. "Well ... doing anything tonight?" :P. Nicknac winked and he said nope. Then Khev said Hi stars (;)) ... My apologies for my friend Nicknac here, cause stars love Nicknac as well. So the stars Want to sleep. Out of nowhere, the stars killed Nicknac. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Then the news reached The president of the CO VIP department in China and he revived Nicknacs. Nicknacs was so happy he messaged his friend Miley Cyrus about killing herself when Hannah Montana revealed her cocaine collection. And then Miley fainted into Nicknac's lap and died.
Upon disposing of her body, Nicknac phoned his daughter, Justin Bieber and gossiped nonstop about Bieber's sexuality crisis. Nicknac was rly enthralled and wanted to phone Fang. Fang didn't answer. so he left heart destroyed because ... in love with ... Fang's voice. Devastated Now JaththeGod Will roll a joint "Muhaha" he exclaimed. Unfortunately the police took him to the TQ dungeon because that exists... where he paid A bulk to TQ. He was saved eventually by George W. Bush Even though JaththeGod was his dad and forbid Bush to have sex Anymore. But wicked witch of the south and north got squished by Your mom. The dead bunny zombies she owned were actually un-undead bunnies.

================= End of Chapter 1 =================

Today was a good day in La La Land Until mysterious clouds appeared over the whorehouse where Lavi was saving Fang against an army of sexy ladies. Fang didn't want them touching him so he called his best friend who is a Tran-sexual to protect his lover Fang. So Lady Gaga, their Disco-stick leader, had a poker-face grin as she befriended the tran-sexual. They left together and had weird naked-blind go-kart races and they got ice-cream cones of cheese and honey. All of a sudden... Ninja Frogs jumped into Gaga's throat Making her voice break and unable to sing her song Paparazzi. Fang, was devastated by the anvil that fell on his friend Lavi. Unhurt, he ate pie! and watched Jersey Shore. It was as Horrible as the pvp system in Conquer Online. Then alot of people committed suicide because this story sucks.

================= End of Chapter 2 =================

Prolog: There is a meteor headed straight for the world of Conquer Online;
however, you know of a bunker that can protect you. What's happening?
Who's there? Where is it? Etc.

The bunker was under heavy fire, it weighed 20000 pounds but luckily new lightweight technologies develloped by talibans and then they mailed the technology via FaceBook to the bunker. It didn't work so he tried again and it still didn't work. They tried once more but the fire had already reached the power cord and the fire killed alot of Egys. Then Allah descended to earth, went crazy and had a party. There was lots of women wearing peanutbutter and cheesewhiz and the men bombing down TQ with spermicide and Rebecca Black music laughed at the players that got owned by ~^A_Stray_Bullet^~. The men then hired Khev to make a nuke, something Khev learned from Mr. Rogers who is a secret agent, sent to destroy world with shampoo and marshmallows. Khev nuked his own house and the surrounding pillow factories, which cause fluffy pillows to disperse into Pikachus. This shocking event only happens once every sixtyeight days during a rainy day that chocolate and boulders almost destroy Earth with cosmic death and fluffy bunnies. The Earth wasn't the same anymore. Martians seeing the changed Earth decided to ask Pluto Why would he not ask Jupiter for the Cookies. Jupiter had no cookies. So he asked Pluto (demoted to a dwarf planet) for crush cream soda for his cornflakes and honey nut Cheerios. So he could throw up his kidney so he could donate his blood to a dying hobo . Too bad his blood was AB and had AIDs so he couldnt donate his blood. But the hobo stole the blood and drank it. The hobo then mutated into a 100 dollar bill and paid hookers to table dance in rhinestone stiletto's. He spent himself and now is in a bank. He gains 5 million dollar bills a day because the welfare check gives him money. Now that he is a homosexual he asexually reproduced a spawn of ninja robot babies that ate him and shat out ninja cyborg babies with laser beams. He ate those but then realised that they were pickled flavored and ate them anyways. His stomach hurt because TQ bent all the pickled babies. They didn't even bother to try and get the pickled guns to shoot the gummi bears for eating gummies to Resurrect The Dead like Jesus did because everyone knows Jesus died for stupidity of noobs and his country. This is getting out of hand like strawberrry waffles on blueberry urinal cakes with cookies. Nom nom nom straw-blueberry waffle-urinal cakes. Allah and God packed a bowl of rice crispies that Khev stole for his hamster to fatten it up so he could feed the poor, and steal their whiskey to get shit-faced and to eat their own under-pants. God sucks at making animals so he invented beastiality so werewolves and vampires could make death threats to humans by making letter bombs and choclate covered nougat. HHHHHHHH laughed the stupid illiterate Egyptian, while building sandcastles In his poor, large, arid desert. He than began to piss people off, by spamming FINGA ME BLS Causing Matt to mass kill everyone especially that little boy that says, "I LIKE TURTLES!" and that other little creature named Ahmed, who has downsyndrome and tourettes . They both wreaked the city of Atlantis and drowned in their own feces. They then grew legs and devolved into sub-humans. The happy days Came and went but most importantly the BLACK PLAGUE Destroyed a small city. The Vatican, decided that pooping on rats would solve world poverty by killing chinamen so a missionary was sent to have sex with a camel from TQ's technical support to make babies whose nappies would produce grapes of poo for bombs to suicide bomb. EVerything in sight was destroyed thanks to the massive golf ball that had religous artifacts contained inside. The moment that the Grand Khali noticed it was bomb. he then proceeded to eat the very large cream. When all of a sudden JaththeGod ended the story... by getting shot then got revived by a water which casted shield and was then TFB by Ninja, Tommit the great, and insanely skilled Moderator, Dark~Colossus; Trojan.

7 Years ago,

2011-03-16 02:08 PM

there was a

2011-03-16 02:16 PM

new mmorpg called

2011-03-16 02:17 PM

Conquer Online. It

2011-03-16 06:31 PM

is boring lately

2011-03-16 08:51 PM

Since Tq digital

2011-03-16 10:08 PM

screwed it up

2011-03-17 11:41 AM

by adding terrible

2011-03-17 12:05 PM

updates full of

2011-03-17 12:23 PM

toxic fog and

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