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2013-11-11 10:15 AM

Server is busy.
From a couple of days when i try to log in i get this message .Server is busy. Be cause i am a vip 4 i wish to my server to not be busy when i try to enter in the game i pay . Kick out some noobs wtf...
Account :*****

2013-11-11 11:08 AM

I still have the problem i can not login. I'we sent 2 tickets about server problem to TQ and nothing.

2013-11-11 01:00 PM

I reinstalled the game and still can not login.I cant login on any server .All busy.

2013-11-11 10:31 PM

Have you try log in agains?

2013-11-14 12:04 AM

I had a similar problem when I ran Peerblock; a software that supposedly blocked some ips so you wouldnt get logged for downloading movie torrents, at the same time it made it impossible to login to Co.

Its probably something like this.

2013-11-21 02:37 AM

I keep getting this error .I can not login people .This is a disrespect for a person like me Who have more then $1500 spent on my account.Do something .please.

2013-11-22 02:50 AM

11/22/13-Today just after updated new path version 5807, couldn't not longer able to log into so be it......bloody hell game.
F************k fix the game.<-1000 times I have to complained.

2013-11-22 02:51 AM

Every fucking time they update antibot system they mess up something,why the fuck release patches before testing them.

2013-11-22 03:43 AM


2013-11-22 05:42 AM

F******k the games is ruined again. Everytime an update was released it comes out with stupid bugs...try to fix this once again and again until every update is clean from stupidity so that players won't be mad and yell at you TQ people.

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