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2012-05-10 06:51 AM

The JOKE ZONE !!!!
Here we can jus tell post all the funny jokes u know ^_^

2012-05-10 08:41 AM

I am going to quit CO.

2012-05-10 02:33 PM

My First Time:
The sky was dark
the moon was high
all alone just her and I

Her hair so soft
her eyes so blue
I knew just what she wanted to do

Her skin so soft
her legs so fine
I ran my fingers down her spine

I didn't know how
but I tried my best
to place my hand on her breast

I remember my fear
my fast beating heart
but slowly she spread her legs apart

And when she did
I felt no shame
as all at once the white stuff came

At last it was finished
it's all over now,
my first time...milking a cow.

2012-05-14 06:40 PM

Sounds like nobody will surpass TQ when joking. Taste and timming are terrible, thoug.

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