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2011-11-25 01:41 AM

Pirate Octopus Gang
This has to be the most annoying and worst quest I have ever truly partaken in. You turn into and octopus or remain yourself and have to travel all over Conquer to find a pirate octopus gang to retrieve gems. No clues are given to their location and they appear anywhere I guess. Could have at least made them always appear by water. Saw a message it's in Twin City on system message and have ran all over on my horse and found nothing. I am really beginning to hate these dumb quest and about to quit trying them out. :mad:

Does anyone in Dark or anywhere no where these dumb Pirate Octopus Gangs appear??? :confused:

2011-11-25 02:00 AM

Well finally found them lol...Still hated doing it haha.

2011-11-25 03:32 AM

This quest is just stupid, even the arrow shooting thing is better

2011-11-25 05:25 AM

Hence why i dont do the in game quests

2011-11-25 09:27 AM

Couldn't find them so i just quit it too.

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