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2011-07-31 12:37 AM

Server Down July 30 2011 23:40
This game has become worse each with servers are not working. Neither no message on co2 website saying server is down. Poor TQ management. Poor customer service. Yet TQ boss got big fat tummy with all bulker money.

2011-07-31 12:40 AM

you just got tq'ed lol it happens to all of us

2011-07-31 05:30 AM

Server Down TQ Bankrupt Made In China Rolex Watch. Warranty last in one day.

2011-07-31 06:13 AM

Servers are still down, lol.

2011-07-31 06:56 AM

YEP and still down so dont bother trying

2011-07-31 12:45 PM


2011-07-31 12:47 PM

Mine is up and running, 6k ping though and still haven't d/ced :D.

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