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2013-03-23 06:26 AM

price of +8 Elite Warrior headband
dear VIP players how you doing i hope you are enjoying co these days
as stated in the title i have +8 Elite warrior headband but i dont know for how much i sell it > so please help me with the price and i will be thankfull .
server Titan

2013-03-24 01:20 AM

u should ask someone from ur server since every server has their own prices, but on our server turquoise it costs about 5-8 db, maybe less koz none use headband

2013-03-24 09:52 PM

Almost nothing nowadays, you'd be happy with 5dbs.

2013-03-26 05:33 AM

almost nothing at LEO ... !

2013-03-26 06:56 AM

thanks for your comments. beside of using it as a compsition item its also used to open a sockect in tower and fan as it gives 20040 points !!! anyway i will waite until i get a good price for it.

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