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2012-07-05 08:12 AM

Chi System
Well the new Chi System was introduced today and I am totally lost here. So I have unlocked Dragon Pool or whatever it is called and tried adding points to stuff but nothing happens. I went on the site and read the Chi System introduction and still do not understand it.

Someone please break this down for me???? :(

2012-07-05 09:05 AM

i screwed mine up too.i went and did the auto study and ended up with low score and used all my points with no way to restart it.I did notice when it showed the HP thing the score was higher but when i clicked to stop it, it was too late

I think we need a better walkthru on this one

2012-07-05 11:51 AM

try to unlock all the chis first before make ur own choice on what u want or not... lock all those purple and yellow and keep klicking study

after u have all chi system lock those subclass thingys what u want... purple and yellow are the best so if u want to keep higher subclass just lock purple or yellow if ure low bp melee acc u should lock break... or if ure high bp and strong just lock critical, p-damage, immunity... etc etc

this chi system ruined this game

2012-07-05 12:13 PM

Thanks Tuni , I'll keep that in mind.Any advice for archer class?My bp is 311 , hp is one of the things i wanted the highest in.i just wasnt fast enuff to stop the auto

2012-07-06 03:02 AM

CHI: Archer pown
1) final Phisical attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in all gates

do it and laught hitting 2k for each arrow a king with +12 tower and 385 BP

2012-07-06 05:20 AM

I couldn't get above 200 score into dragon today. My luck in this totally blows. Only 2 blues on me today hehe worse than yesterday's.

2012-07-06 03:21 PM

Chi system is the worst thing I have ever seen in a game. I thought this was created to help stop bulkers from ruling the game...I guess that whys our +12 king now has almost 40k health and breakthough and antibreakthrough like crazy. so the only way to max it out fast is to bulk in for points...thats not evening out the bp advantage one bit. After today I have decided this game is getting to be too rediculous chi system is the biggest waste of an update ever!

2012-07-07 01:19 AM


Originally Posted by Tommit (Post 32149)
Chi system is the worst thing I have ever seen in a game.

totally you right :D

2012-07-07 01:54 AM


Originally Posted by SteLios (Post 32150)
totally you right :D

it is not so bad though, always doing crit on bosses is a good thing for me lol and having almost 100 counter and immunity is a good thing lol, gonna have to work on immunity since its too low :o

2012-07-07 01:57 AM

you can throw 100 bulk packs into chi and still never truly max out- TQ your motives with every big update last 5 years has never fooled a single player. whos been commited since day 1. You really abuse your loyal players with updates like Talis/+12 new max / Lotto(sudden +8 wins biggest piss off ruining many) / DragonSOuls/refinery's/ and lots of others that all require huge amounts of cps so far above 20 dollar mark- Mind you these are great ideas for updates but you require thousands and thousands of dollars converted to cps all for a single game? your taking advantage of peoples addictive behaviours and you should be illegal and players refunded. This Chi system is a complete money pit with no bottom- Then you have the nerve to act like giving us 14 dollars worth of free chi a week is doing us the favor!

I feel so bad for the addicts your taking full advantage of to load your pockets.

your Just a game. and clearly outdated in terms of graphics by like 15 years, whats makes you worth so much more then the rest of the f2p games where 50 bucks makes you a GOD-and thats not exgaeration, 50 dollars in ALL f2p GAMES GET YOU SET TO COMEPETE WITH THE BEST.

I dont feel any passions in regards to developing this game for the players.
All TQ's PASSIONS that I have seen and is so clear to everyone else,

How to create the next best complex mass cash profit system.

2012 : Chi was born. chi stats exceed all past stat related updates combined- jus like dragon souls did. except this time you ain't getting maxed out chi no matter what you spend. This is that straw , Poor camel backs!

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