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2012-04-18 11:39 PM

Againe I Won a +8 Elite Item :)
here are screenshots :

2012-04-19 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by kindboy (Post 28551)

Congratz...maybe tq should change up lotto to favor vip members. The higher your vip the better of a chance you have of getting good items. :/ but people will hate this idea:mad:

2012-04-19 12:41 AM

thanks i wish you best of luck in lottery :)
about the vip idea as you said ppl will hate it

2012-05-25 06:50 PM

It sounds fair since VIPs pay a lot, but are there data about how much TQ makes from micro transactions like small-time, casual buyers or people who play for a (relatively) short time and quit? I bet those are equally, if not more important.

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