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2012-03-01 06:08 PM

Storm Server + Every Other Server down! jollyRoger is UP!
What is going on? it been over 6 hours now since i have no been able to log in i keep getting a Message of 'Failed to Login: The Server Is Down. (10)'
is anybody else getting this problem? i have looked for other threads i have not seen any other than that tortuga is down also, i do not use normal forums as im VIP why should i? :)

TQ have nothing up on the site about this!
The events Started today!
Is this going to get sorted?

From what it seems since i came back its been nothing but bots and TQ fuck up's? no GM's Where is our money going?

I Wish i never returned and i wish there was someway of a refund for being 'unsatisfied' with the Service <-- if theres even such thing..
(Little Rant :) but im Fed up of all this Crap! again and like i Stated before my Banks Off Limits untill i see improvements and i think we need to start sticking together to actually get them to lisen! if they done lisen im sure we can take our money elseware :) )

2012-03-01 06:16 PM

database error(999) here

2012-03-01 06:39 PM

ive not had that one yet just the server is down with (10) on the end

2012-03-01 06:40 PM

yeah same error here

2012-03-01 06:43 PM

its been hours.. and not even a hint of whats going on...

2012-03-01 07:06 PM

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Just thought i would check the servers status online,

2012-03-01 07:25 PM

database error (999) here also :(

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