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2012-04-22 10:44 AM

PK Mode
So i was just thinking, if only we had a PK mode for just enemies, So we activate the mode and we can only kill guild or personal enemies on the enemy list this would be so helpfull.


2012-04-22 10:48 AM

yeah few more modes for guild enemy/guilds-pk those who are in guild so wont get high pkp from noobs who just jumped in range-or just avarage bp pk so lower bp players font get killed and so on there are many ways how to costumize pking system

2012-04-22 12:11 PM

Would be useful. One just for the killing of enemy guilds would be great.

I would also like a team cap mode possibly, so you are at "peace" with your friendslist/guild, but you can still cap other blue names.

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