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2011-04-21 01:41 AM

bugg in game
there i bigg bugg in game :) all the egg from easter are like gone but item is full of then , i cant see the egg ore Fledglings in items thy became invisble :(

2011-04-21 02:14 AM

plz fix bug!! cant do nothing cant hunt cant pick up items cuz eggs and other easter items are invisible in items.. cant even get pots no more say inventory is full so plz hurry up and fix the damn bug!! we wanna play!!



2011-04-21 02:23 AM

lollllllllllll good one

2011-04-21 02:46 AM

i got same hurry and fix lucky 7 server ty

2011-04-21 02:53 AM

well all i get is thy gone e-mail me
dont need i e-mail need that bugg fixt
cant even go dis becouse off it 30 eggs in items and i cant drop them

2011-04-21 02:54 AM


Originally Posted by User202362375 (Post 10058)
i got same hurry and fix lucky 7 server ty

well told one line help about your server to :)

2011-04-21 04:04 AM


We will fix the Easter quest bug in the patch of 5387 later.
If you still have any question, please feel free to contact us.
Thanks for calling on help desk!
Thanks for playing Conquer Online, enjoying the game!

well i hope its fastttttt :)

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