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2013-09-11 04:35 PM

Tq Point cards
I live in canada and purchase tq point cards from retail stores such as walmart do they still work? Or is there some sort of maintenence going on the websight under prepaid channels? Kinda confused cuz im getting different answers from different ppl.

Had some ppl say that only blackhawk cards only are redeemable atm (idk what those are) and that the tq point cards (I purchase the 25$ ones) are temporarly down... Is this true?

Can a gm or anyone confirm this..:confused:

2013-09-11 05:18 PM

Here is the only thing I could find on this, but was listed for the 9th.

2013-09-11 07:02 PM

So the question is.. does it work lol? Cuz i dont want to buy tq cards knowing that i wont be able to cash in..:confused:

2013-09-11 07:06 PM

I have 4 $25 cards waiting to be cashed in, but the redeem system is still down. not sure when they gonna bring it back up

2013-09-12 07:21 AM

Just read on the official site its back up. So if i go to wal-mart today and purchase the $25 tq point cards will i be able to cash them in? They said if you have bought them before sept 9th you have to go to help desk inorder to cash them in i think or something like that? So does that i mean i have to wait till wal-mart or w/e store removes all the cards from their shelves and replace them with new ones? Im soo lost lol:confused::p

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