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2013-09-10 06:21 PM

MAssive Quitting.
Unfortunatly, me and some palss are quiting. Despite the people complaints and my complaints , things have been made worse, Games are supposed be a Fun Experience, this whole thing just randomly turned : Lame, Even more Unbalanced, Laggy Broken Experience, Bots completly totalled the economy, SHopping mall makes no sense ( it never has), 1 battle power difference and more than half damage gone ? I would say I would return later when they fix this, but they never will so have fun, while u can. cheers.

*RhinoStomp* --- 349 bp.

2013-09-10 06:26 PM

Will miss you brow, but I think this is the best choice now, just go with the good memories while they lasted. Don't forget they Screwed pots up, so assassins could get an even further edge over all the other classes.

PEace out to the rest of our mates, guildies and some respectable enemys around...

TróubléCrackér.- 325 bp

2013-09-10 06:34 PM

LAst words, Screw Assassins, and just overall, cya peeps was fun to have u all around, Any 1 elsee has any other game to play after this chaos ? Sign me in ( NOT WOW), its a shame the game turned from better to worse with each patch just focusing money and monopolizing the entire stuff, just really shamefull, been playing for like 6 years, many other friends quitted along the way and just like u guys diid, its time to leave another empty spaace, probably to be replaced by 5 ahmeds out there. lol , joking* no hating.* Any way have fun.;)

Just to keep things cool ill post my name on bottom XD Rofl

Silent*Striker. ... 319 bp

2013-09-10 07:43 PM

Does anyone else notice similarities between these posts???

I too have jsut about quit playing for the most part. I am on to share battle power and talk occasionally...but after a +3 assassin wiped me out in 1 hit being +6 attack and +8 defense gears and having VIP 6, I decided it was too much. Perhaps my Chi and Jiang Hu is not too great but some on that's a huge gear difference to be one hit, so yeah I'm barely hanging on to the game as well. I am actually more active in the forum then I am in the game anymore.

2013-09-10 10:57 PM

Haha, you not the only one experienced being wiped out by +3 or +4 assasins so do I.
Something has to do with assasins skill don't care is cooldown/increase stamina/reduce damage now assassin is screwing other classes.
Eww, tom now you mentioned being wiped out by assasins +3 1 hit its really a shame!
O ya mortal wound 500% damage guys.bahahaha.

2013-09-10 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by Tommit (Post 38393)
Does anyone else notice similarities between these posts???

well they r friends or same person, who knows... :)

2013-09-11 03:12 PM

Well, people say all the time how this game sucks now and they will quit, but in few months they come back. Alot of people are still showing interest in this game. I just sometimes wish people would think before they say nasty stuff to people that don't always deserve it. People tend to think they can get things fixed immediately, or their suggestion is the best thing ever. They forget that often people who are at the receiving end may have very little control over how things are done. TQ has it's company rules, good or not. I have indeed quit also, the reason was the immature player base. I found some great friends all over the world but I can't deal with this extra drama that others constantly are creating on some servers. Minor reasons were the new updates (like assassins) that don't really work well.

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